Action Plan for Businesses in China

March 15, 2022

"Action Plan for Businesses in China - How to cover your consumption with renewable electricity?"

The aim of the paper is to give companies that have electricity consumption in China an understanding of which decarbonization instruments are available under the current regulation. As part of the cooperation between Think RE and EKOenergy, together, both companies are developing strategies for entering the Chinese RE market. These strategies are also interesting for medium-sized companies. This paper gives an overview ofthe current situation in China, the institutional consumer is the best judge of which sourcing method suits them the best.

In this paper we discuss the following topics:

  • analysis of the Chinese renewable energy market
  • reasons for entering the market
  • challenges to keep in mind before entering the market
  • overview of instruments
  • unbundled Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC)
  • bundled Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC)

"China is the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. This results in an urgent need for decarbonization with renewable energies. Industrial corporates have a major role to play in realizing decarbonization in China. This Action Plan is designed to help these corporates get an overall view and holistic understanding of the decarbonization opportunities available in the Chinese market in the current regulatory environment." - Dr. Steffen Hundt, co-founder at Think RE.

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Team member photo

Dr. Steffen Hundt

CEO & Co-Founder at Think RE
Team member photo

Merve Güngör

Liaison Coordinator at EKOenergy
Team member photo

Stephan Dinse

CSO & Co-Founder at Think RE
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Johanna Jahnel

Senior Consultant Renewable Energy Markets
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Minh Ly Nguyen Tran

Consultant Renewable Energy Markets