TGFS Sachsen invests in Think RE

March 1, 2021

Digital Marketplace for Power Purchase Agreements: TGFS Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen invests in Think RE.

Think RE supports companies inimplementing their climate strategy and reducing their carbon footprint. To develop and launch RE Wave, a digital marketplace for contracting PowerPurchase Agreements, the company from Saxony, founded in 2019, has won TGFS as an investor. RE Wave's goal is to make it easier for companies to accessgreen power.


"In-depth industry knowledge and comprehensivecustomer understanding are important prerequisites for gaining a foothold inthe complex electricity market with a digital marketplace such as RE Wave- we see this fulfilled here by the three founders. In addition, RE Wavebrings a holistic approach to the integration of process-relevant partners andclearly differentiates itself in the market. We are looking forward tosupporting the founders in the growth of their company", summarizes SörenSchuster, Managing Director of TGFS.

Dr. Steffen Hundt concludes: "With TGFS as areliable and financially strong partner, we want to bring our digitalmarketplace RE Wave to the market quickly. TGFS's excellent network inSaxony and beyond will also help us in this endeavor, enabling us to drive theenergy transition internationally out of the Free State."

TGFS press release: Click Link