New Cooperation - Stronger together with Planted

October 18, 2021

Reduce all your CO₂ emissions (scope 1-3) thanks to our cooperation with Planted! From now on we can fully off-take your carbon emissions, while we previously focused on electricity consumption (scope 2) only.

    All direct emissions from the activities of an organization or under their control.
    - Eg. emissions caused by driving cars or heating with natural gas
    Indirect emissions from electricity purchased and used by the organization.
    - Eg. emissions caused by consuming electricity in the assembling line
    All other indirect emissions from activities of the organization, occurring from sources that they do not own or control. These are emissions coming from the suppliers or employees (upstream and downstream).
    - Eg. Upstream: emissions caused by consuming goods and services, traveling by plane
    - Eg. Downstream: emissions caused by recycling

Read more about these 3 scopes in our Knowledge Hub about Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

At Think RE, we already help you to decarbonize your business’ electricity consumption (scope 2). We offer a wide range of solutions for this and focus on wind/solar parks and on hydrogen. On our platform RE Wave, buyers and sellers of renewable energy come together to close PPA deals. Those are long-term renewable energy contracts between both parties.

Now, thanks to our recent cooperation with Planted, all your direct and indirect emissions can be reduced (scope 1-3)! Planted plants climate stable mixed trees in Germany and offers CO₂ certificates, so that companies can become climate neutral or have a climate positive team. They focus on emissions that arise in the professional and private life of the employees. They offset your employee’s carbon footprint at home, in the office, on business trips, on vacation or while dining with business partners.

Click here to discover Planted.

We’re excited about what this new cooperation will bring as an additive to your business and are sure that this will help you on your road to reach your net zero target!